Potential Applications

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Wind Farm Vessels

The Nauti-Craft system enables increased transit and transfer capability up to 2.5m Hs, providing an increased operating window and cost savings.
Latest data published in August 2018 estimates that the offshore wind energy market size will exceed USD $60 billion by 2024.
Based on the benefits that the nauti-craft™ technology offers, Nauti-Craft is perfectly positioned to become the technology of choice in vessels that service the offshore wind farm market. Nauti-Craft are engaging with operators in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US to introduce the nauti-craft technology into the wind farm market.
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Provides significant reduction in Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and stabilised platform for increased operational capability for military personnel. Provides a competitive technical advantage where operational success is critical.
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Luxury Recreational

Naut-Craft has developed a range of luxury concepts that, along with all the benefits that the suspension technology provides, will appeal to the high end, prestige market. 
Naiti-Craft is with a Middle East-based group on the development of a luxury quadmaran, which is currently undergoing sea trials.
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High Volume Recreational

Provides significant increase in comfort and sea keeping capability in rougher sea conditions for relatively low cost. Market differentiator in a crowded market place.
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Cruise Tender

Provides increased and safer access in rougher sea conditions providing a more comfortable passengers experience and increased port access
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Whale watching

There has been keen interest in the Naut-Craft technology from the whale watching and marine tourism industries. Particularly the technologies ability to increase operational days in rougher sea conditions and provide increased comfort for passengers during all sea conditions.