Benefits of the Nauti-Craft technology

The Nauti-Craft technology provides unsurpassed levels of seakeeping and stability (comfort and safety) whether stationary or traveling at speed, vastly reducing passenger discomfort and fatigue.
The system also enables safer crew transfers in larger weather windows to fixed structures such as offshore wind turbines by reducing the relative movement between the vessel and the structure.



Reduced slamming and jarring motions Improves comfort and safety
Reduced roll and pitch motions Reduces sea sickness. Allows safer transfer to fixed structures.
Improved planing speed in rougher conditions Improves speed and efficiency
Cost Versus Performance Allows a smaller vessel to provide seakeeping typically only found in larger vessels while having the lower operating costs of a smaller vessel
Optional active enhancements e.g Active Roll Control (ARC) Faster, more stable cornering
e.g. DACS, APC, auto adaptable, loading guides