Nauti-Craft from land to sea.

Nauti-Craft was founded by Chris Heyring to develop and commercialise a novel suspension system for marine vessels.

Chris began putting into practise his concepts of a marine suspension system some 12 years ago. He first applied his thinking to a small sailing boat to test out the basic concept. This testing showed sufficient promise to embark on the development of a radical 8 metre quadmaran that resembled an F1 car on water. Then, an 18m commercial catamaran was designed and a 1:10 scale model of this was built to test and further prove the viability of the system for potential Wind Farm Service Vessels.

Nauti-Craft 4play model

A 8.5m Nauti-Craft prototype catamaran completed in 2013 has undergone extensive sea trials and tuning in the waters around Cape Naturaliste with outstanding results. This prototype has been utilised as a demonstration vessel in Australia and the U.K. and continues to serve as an important platform for ongoing research and development.


The creators of Nauti-Craft include the inventor/founder Chris Heyring as well as other core members of Kinetic Pty Ltd, the very successful automotive suspension technology company.

Suspension systems developed by Kinetic have been used by Mitsubishi in the world's toughest off-road race, the Dakar and by Citroen's WRC team in the World Rally Championship both with formidable results. Kinetic systems are now fitted as original equipment to the Toyota Landcruiser Sahara, Prado Kakadu and the new Nissan Patrol. Most recently some of the world's most advanced supercars, the McLaren MP4 12C and the acclaimed new McLaren P1 have been launched incorporating a Kinetic suspension system.

kinetic_landcruiser p1