Intellectual Property

Nauti-Craft currently owns all the intellectual property associated with the nauti-craft™ technology. As of 2017 ten families of patents have been applied for and the patents from the first three families have already been granted in some countries including US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia (two in Europe are still pending).

The first three families of patents and applications all describe the N-C generic suspension systems incorporating interconnected hydraulic suspension which modally decouple roll, pitch, heave and warp motions of the suspension.

International patent applications have also been filed for additional ideas relating to boats with suspension to further protect Nauti-Craft’s intellectual property.

Nauti-Craft’s patent portfolio continues to expand with further new provisional patent lodgements proposed, supporting the continuing development of the nauti-craft™ marine vessel suspension technology.

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Patents Pending and Granted Worldwide.

Nauti-Craft currently holds 52 national patents and patent applications across 14 countries, with an additional 1 international and 2 provisional patent applications also pending.