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Nauti-Craft Marine Suspension

The Nauti-Craft technology is a hydraulic suspension system for multihulled vessels, designed by Nauti-Craft Dunsborough, in Western Australia.

Our team drew inspiration from the suspension systems of cars and off-road vehicles.

The marine suspension system separates the boat’s hulls from the superstructure.

This allows the hulls to react rapidly to wave inputs and conform to the ocean surface without transmitting high forces and accelerations of the hulls to the deck and superstructure.

Why Suspension Boats?

It’s all about safety, economics and the environment. Even mildly rough conditions can cause injuries, fatigue and sickness, and more fuel is consumed due to increased resistance caused by the waves.

Nauti-Crafts Marine suspension enables a vessel to maintain higher speed while reducing impacts by up to 80%. 

In a commercial application, a Nauti-Craft enabled vessel is able to drive down capex and the overall environmental footprint because in some applications, a Nauti-Craft enabled vessel can be significantly smaller than a standard vessel but can carry out an equivalent service.

Nauti-Craft Applications

Nauti-Craft is the worlds only commercial “marine suspension technology” provider. Our system is leading in comfort, control and stability, both when stationary and at high speed. 

Suspension technology is changing boating innovation across multiple industries, including commercial, security and defence, leisure and recreation. Please follow the links to see some examples.

Nauti-Craft Services

The Nauti-Craft business model is based on a technology licensing approach coupled with a strong focus on engineering collaboration.

This engineering collaboration ranges from tailored engineering support through to design services, and training and support for our systems.  

Contact Nauti-Craft

Location: Nauti-Craft Ltd. 9 Clark Street Dunsborough Western Australia 6281

p: +61 (0)8 9756 7275