Commercial Vessels

Commercial Cruise Tenders

Cruise liners often have passengers with limited mobility or who are challenged by movement on unsteady surfaces. This has the unfortunate consequence of preventing them disembarking the ship when the only transport ashore is the cruise tender. Alternatively, the passenger attempts to board the tender, only to slip and fall, with sometimes disastrous consequences.  

Nauti-Craft equipped tender vessels provide a much safer transfer ability than conventional cruise tenders, reducing risk and increasing the number of passengers able to disembark the vessel during open water stopovers. 

Commercial Wind Farm Vessels

The nauti-craft system will usually double the transfer capability of a conventional windfarm service vessel. This enables small 12m daughter craft to achieve transfers in over 1m Hs sea conditions, 18m vessels to achieve almost 2m transfers and 26m vessels to approach 2.8m Hs transfers. This offers a compelling value proposition for using smaller craft than conventional solutions, or increasing the number of safe transfer days for a given size of vessel.  

The passive suspension system reduces the fatigue effect of rough conditions during the transit to the turbine, while the active deck control system reduces the likelihood of motion sickness on occupants during loitering and standby operations.  

Security and Defence Vessels

It offers the highest levels of loitering and transit capability for casualty treatment on a small vessel. The active nauti-craft system provides a stable platform for intubation and canulation until the patient is stabilised.

Once stabilised the vessel can rapidly transit to a safe environment whilst protecting the treating medic from dangerous impacts and giving them the ability to maintain life support treatment. 

Leisure / Recreational

Nauti-Craft is entering the leisure sector with two new luxury leisure boats in 2021.

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