First-Ever Marine Suspension Boat Sets Sail for North America to Innovate the American Marine Industry

Nauti-Craft, a pioneering company in marine technology, is proud to announce its partnership with Wavecalmer, a leading innovator in the boating industry. This partnership marks an exciting milestone as Wavecalmer becomes the first company to license and utilise Nauti-Craft’s revolutionary technology for its boats in North America. The first boat of its kind, built by Nauti-Craft for Wavecalmer, is set to be shipped from Dunsborough, Australia, to America, heralding a new era for the North American boating market. Wavecalmer will use this boat as a demonstrator while making plans to set up production facilities to build fibreglass and aluminium boats in the United States.

Nauti-Craft’s patented technology provides an unprecedented level of stability and ride comfort, revolutionizing the boating experience. By incorporating Nauti-Craft’s cutting-edge design, Wavecalmer aims to introduce a ground-breaking vessel that offers reduced motion sickness, increased comfort and safety, and enhanced performance even in challenging waters.

The president of Wavecalmer, Joe Johnson, is a skilled and experienced mariner and boat builder, who has been in Dunsborough for two months working with the Nauti-Craft technical team getting hands-on experience with this innovative technology. This collaboration combines Nauti-Craft’s expertise in marine engineering with Wavecalmer’s passion for delivering exceptional boating solutions.

The highly anticipated boat is departing from Dunsborough, Australia, in mid-June, marking a significant milestone in the expansion of Nauti-Craft’s technology into the North American market. The boat’s arrival will introduce a new era of boating, providing customers in America with access to an unparalleled level of stability, comfort, and performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wavecalmer and bring our innovative technology to the North American boating market,” said Mark Schiller, Managing Director at Nauti-Craft. “This collaboration represents a major step forward in enhancing the boating experience”.,

Joe Johnson, President of Wavecalmer added, “We are excited to be at the forefront of this technology in the USA, and can’t wait for the arrival of this vessel to our shores. We are confident that the combination of Nauti-Craft’s technology and Wavecalmer’s expertise will redefine the industry here.”

Both Nauti-Craft and Wavecalmer are committed to delivering ground-breaking solutions that exceed customer expectations. This partnership demonstrates the shared vision and dedication of both companies to push the boundaries of what is possible in the boating industry.

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About Nauti-Craft: Nauti-Craft is a leading company in marine technology, specializing in advanced vessel suspension systems. With a focus on stability and ride comfort, Nauti-Craft’s patented technology has gained recognition for its ability to provide exceptional performance in various marine environments.

About Wave Calmer: Wavecalmer is an innovative boating company that is revolutionizing the industry through cutting-edge designs and technologies. Committed to delivering superior stability, comfort, and performance, Wavecalmer’s boats are built to provide an unparalleled boating experience.

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