Nauti-Craft welcomes Peter van Rossum as Chairman of the Board

A message from Chris Heyring, Nauti-Craft’s inventor and founder.

“Following the trade sale of the successful car suspension company Kinetic, a few loyal employees started working with me on applying our motor vehicle suspension experience to developing boats with suspension systems. We founded the company called Nauti-Craft which we ran as an R&D ’Skunkworks’ experimenting with innovative suspension systems, (adapted from our Kinetic IP), to suit the much more demanding marine applications. After a number of years of development, our two prototypes are being taken very seriously worldwide as offering practical solutions to the stability and safety of wind farm access and transfer vessels as well as having unique military and recreational benefits.

Nauti-Craft has now evolved to a point where it is no longer an R&D Skunkworks; it’s now a budding corporate entity negotiating licenses with large international companies. The new-look N-C now has to step up to evolving further in a different corporate environment and I felt it appropriate to recommend to the Board the appointment of two new Directors who are more qualified than myself in the big business and marine world.

This year, our CEO Ken Johnsen and I therefore are proud to welcome Peter van Rossum as our new Chairperson / Director and Mark Schiller as an invaluable non-exec Director to the new look Nauti-Craft Board.

As the founder, I look forward to watching and participating in our fledgling company’s successful metamorphosis into a globally recognised marine technology brand name to be reckoned with.”

Photo: L to R. Chris Heyring – Inventor/Founder, Nauti-Craft. Peter van Rossum. Chairman, Nauti-Craft.

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