Speed meets Comfort meets Function

The biggest evolution in boating since the deep vee hull. New from Nauti-Craft: luxury leisure boats are on the way. Incorporating an integrated Level 4 Yamaha Helm Master EX package, 600 mm of suspension travel and capable of comfortable transit at over 45 knots, even in solid chop. No other boat compares.

The nauti-craft™ suspension system evolved from the same technology that won 3 Paris Dakar rallies and 3 World Rally Championships.

Hidden away below deck is the compact and robust hydromechanical system that enables the hulls to move independent of the superstructure, absorbing harsh slamming impacts when operating at high speed in tough conditions.

Just press the start button and the vessel lifts to ride height, ready to glide over the roughest chop.

As the conditions change, the intelligent variable damping adjusts to suit, adapting within a fraction of a second to provide unparalleled comfort. Tuck into a tight turn and the deck banks into the corner like an aircraft, balancing out the sideways accelerations so you won’t even spill your coffee.

When the day is done, press the lower button, drop back to bump stops and put her back on your trailer. It’s as simple as that: start and lower – the system does the rest.
As close as you will ever get to a real magic carpet ride.

Long travel suspension revolutionised mountain biking, motorbikes and off-road vehicles.

Now long travel suspension is about to revolutionise the ocean.

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