Why Marine Suspension


Even mildly rough conditions can cause injuries, fatigue and sickness, and more fuel is consumed due to increased resistance caused by the waves.

These graphs, showing a comparison between Nauti-Craft’s 2Play prototype and a standard catamaran of similar size, in coastal waters in Western Australia, show a reduction in accelerations felt by the measurement devices of up to 80%.

Graph showing comparison between Nauti-Craft’s 2Play prototype and a standard catamaran of similar size.


Transferring people to and from a boat to a stationary platform or another vessel, in rough waters, is known to be a safety hazard.

Nauti-Craft suspension systems
eliminate commercial boating risks

By pushing the bow of the boat against the object to be transferred to the suspension system is able to absorb the waves as they pass through.

Loitering Stability

The rolling and pitching of a commercial vessel is a safety hazard for vessel occupants and is also a major cause of motion sickness causing productivity losses.

However, with “Nauti-Craft’s proprietary Deck Active Control System” the vessel’s rolling and pitching becomes almost unnoticeable.

By hydraulically shifting fluid between the cylinders, the active control system can counteract the rolling and pitching motions induced by the waves. Using an accelerometer mounted on the vessel deck, the control system measures the deck roll and pitch angles and maintains them within 3 degrees of horizontal.

Nauti-Craft provides stablity and therefore safer boating conditions.

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