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Nauti-Craft Marine Suspension Technology
A radical departure from naval architecture principles

Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd is a small research and development company focused on the design and development of the Nauti-Craft marine suspension system.
This technology separates the vessel’s hulls from the deck and superstructure via a ‘passive reactive’ interlinked hydraulic system which enables a significant departure from conventional naval architecture compromises and provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed.
Watch the video below and take a look at our Technology and Company pages to learn more about the Nauti-Craft technology and the company behind it.

Latest News
Nauti-Craft Technology Showcased at Offshore Windfarm Conference in Copenhagen

Senior executives of Nauti-Craft were delegates at the European Wind Energy Association’s (EWEA) “Offshore 2015” conference held in Copenhagen on March 10 to 12, 2015 where the Nauti-Craft technology was showcased to over 8,000 participants from 50 countries.

German companies Offcon GMBH, a offshore consulting company, and Reederie NSB, a vessel operator, showcased a windfarm support business model that incorporated the use of Nauti-Craft’s 12.5 meter “daughter craft’ concept to service wind farms. The support model displayed by Offcon showed the Nauti-Craft vessel that could dock onto the rear of a 60 meter catamaran mother ship.

Nauti-Craft Managing Director Ken Johnsen stated after returning from the conference; “ I was very pleased to see the level of exposure given to the Nauti-Craft technology and a means to provide an improved crew transfer solution to wind farm operators. During 2014 there was a 20% increase in the number of wind turbines installed in European waters taking the number to over 2500 turbines. This rate of growth is expected to continue in coming years with a proportionate increase in the number of vessels required to service and support these turbines. Based on the level of interest expressed from major operators in this market Nauti-Craft believes it can play a large role in the market.”

Nauti-Craft’s had previously received strong interest from the wind farm industry due to the support of UK based Carbon Trust that contributed financially to the development of a 8.5 meter “2Play” demonstrator vessel which was unveiled to the industry at the Seaworks 2014 in Southampton UK last June.

Mr Johnsen commented – “the exposure at Seaworks carried over to the Copenhagen conference where a wide part of the Company’s target audience had knowledge of the Nauti-Craft technology. This led to some very productive commercial discussions with key participants in the industry.”