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Welcome to Nauti-Craft
A radical departure from naval architecture principles

Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd is a small research and development company focused on the design and development of the Nauti-Craft marine suspension system.
This technology separates the vessel’s hulls from the deck and superstructure via a ‘passive reactive’ interlinked hydraulic system which enables a significant departure from conventional naval architecture compromises and provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed.
Watch the video below and take a look at our Technology and Company pages to learn more about the Nauti-Craft technology and the company behind it.

Nauti-Craft is pleased to announce the Australian debut of its latest prototype vessel "2Play" at the 2014 Mandurah Boat Show.

2Play is a first of it's kind 8metre catamaran. At its core is the Nauti-Craft marine suspension system combined with our unique Deck Attitude Control System (D.A.C.S) which actively adjusts and maintains the vertical attitude of the deck to facilitate crew access and transfers in rough seas. Together these technologies provide improved levels of ride comfort, control and stability. Come and join us, see 2Play, meet the team and learn more about the Nauti-Craft marine suspension technology at the show. 10-12th October