Nauti-Craft’s suspension technology is unique and well protected via a suite of more than 70 pending and granted patents. These patents cover the full range of Nauti-Craft’s uniquely developed solutions and state of the art knowledge in vessel suspension technology.

To enable boat builders to access the technology and ensure the best opportunities for commercial exploitation, Nauti-Craft has established a comprehensive partner licensing strategy. This strategy enables builders to secure exclusive or non-exclusive rights to use the intellectual property for specific market and/or geography combinations.

The design and development of vessels under this licensing arrangement need to be supported by either Partnered Design Support or Specific Engineering Design as outlined below.

Partnered Design, Support

Building a suspension equipped vessel starts with designing from below the waterline and requires a collaborative approach with a highly experienced partner.

Nauti-Craft’s preference is the partnered design, build and support approach, where our versatile and multi-disciplined team can partner with clients of varying capabilities through the whole design and build process to ensure each vessel exploiting Nauti-Craft technology is a success.

Our partnered design and build process uses a system engineering approach starting with requirements development and ending at the completion of sea trials. This can be further complimented by the development of a lifetime service and support strategy in conjunction with our strategic equipment partnerships.

Nauti-Craft has a world leading suite of engineering design capabilities arising from an amazing team of people combined with state-of-the-art equipment and software. Using our customised multibody physics simulation package, we can design and analyse Nauti-Craft equipped vessels through a lifetime of operation to drill down into performance, optimise weight and meet regulatory requirements.

Specific Engineering Design

For partners who have their own comprehensive in-house design and build capability and only want limited engineering support services, the Nauti-Craft team can be involved as a specialist engineering consultant providing targeted capability focussed on hull and suspension system engineering design.

Under this model the team starts with involvement in requirements development and then delivers specialist engineering services depending upon the partners needs.

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